Policies and Current Rates

Have Fun!

Let me know what type of music or songs you are interested in playing, and we’ll work that into our lessons (in addition to learning the fundamentals of saxophone playing)!

At you first lesson you will be asked to fill out a brief lesson agreement with your contact info as well as an emergency contact.

Lesson Length:
Standard lesson length for intermediate or advanced students is 60 minutes per session. For outright beginners, I do teach 30 minute lessons.

Lessons $60/hour or $40/thirty-minute. Regarding scheduling: If you have a regular time-slot, payment is due at the first lesson of the month (no later than the end of the first full-week of the month). If you do not have a regular timeslot, payment is due at each lesson. I’ll provide a private link to my online calendar where you can schedule during any available slot. Payment may be made by cash, check, Venmo, or Zelle.

Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule a lesson. You can reach me at iantordellamusic@gmail.com or by phone. Without 24 hours or more notice, a missed lesson cannot be rescheduled and payment is due in full. (Make-up Lessons: Note that canceling a lesson in advance does not change your monthly payment. I’ll be happy to reschedule to another time, up to one month before or after the original lesson time.) Emergencies do happen and sometimes plans change. I will be as accommodating as I can in re-scheduling your lesson, but must charge a 100% cancellation fee if you cancel within 24 hours of your lesson. If you cancel early, I’ll offer you a makeup session which must be scheduled within one month.

Materials and Requirements:
- All students should have a saxophone, mouthpiece, ligature, and reeds in good repair and working order. Like a car, wind instruments need regular maintenance. I recommend getting your instrument checked every 6 months or more frequently if it requires an immediate repair.

- Students need a good supply of proper strength reeds. Reeds are a wear-item and must be replaced immediately whenever chipped or cracked or at least every 6-10 days if the reed is not damaged. A woodwind player should always have five or more playable reeds on hand.

You’ll also need the following additional materials:
- Marble-cover composition book or notebook to track your weekly progress.
- Any etude and method books and any necessary audio recordings for your lessons.
- Staff paper book (bound).
- All students should have a metronome, or, at a minimum, one of the many metronome applications available for your smartphone or tablet.

Optional Materials:
- For intermediate or advanced students, a good tuner is a necessity. I recommend KORG tuners or the TE (Tonal Energy) Tuner app for smartphones.
- A digital recorder for taping lessons, practice sessions, and performance.

Recommended San Diego area saxophone repair techs:
Les Arbuckle (North County, costal)

Jim Weiss (San Diego)

Students are welcome (and strongly encouraged) to record lessons for their own personal review and growth. Please kindly remember that recorded lessons are my intellectual property, and by recording you agree not to post any portion of your lesson on the internet, web forums, facebook, or any other venue. Recorded lessons are for your private use only.

Video and Audio Recording:
By agreeing to take lessons, you consent that your lesson may be video or audio taped.


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